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We review your SaaS spend

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ou share your current Tech spend or prior year Tech spend and we show you how much you could be saving. To set us up for joint success, we will need the following and assist in gaining

  • Vendor / Supplier & Product
  • Annual amount E
  • Renewal date

Understanding your SaaS goals and aspirations

Help us understand your desired outcome. Common goals include but are not limited to:

  • Decrease in SaaS budget
  • Better governance
  • Refinement of SaaS technology selection

Meet the team

Once we understand how you currently go about reviewing and buying technology, we align a team.

Klarify Account Manager
Klarify Procurement Expert
Klarify Customer
Klarify Customer

Account Manager

Taking over your vendor management workload. Proactive point of contact for you and your team. A firm grasp of the technology and vendor landscape.


An Industry expert with knowledge of all technology types/vendors.

Procurement Expert

Extensive experience of all vendors, pricing and licensing structures.


We walk you through the tooling and set up alerts and cadence.


Start Saving and get more from your tech investments

With your goals understood and a team aligned, we use our industry knowledge, historical data and API inputs from multiple sources to get you the best pricing quickly and effectively.

Common wins include:

  • Reduction in per-user cost
  • Sunsetting of un-intentional technology overlap
  • Maximising vendor commercial models

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