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We have developed our own methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of climate not-for-profits. Developed from a range of external sources and the insights of our Technical Advisory Board, we continue to improve our methodology using the latest climate and biodiversity science.

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Global Returns Project


Our Due Diligence Committee seeks a diversity of solutions, activities, beneficiaries and geographies for the Portfolio. After passing a series of governance and sizing gates, organisations considered for the Portfolio are assessed according to their impact, scalability, networks and co-benefits. Only the highest scoring organisations are put into the Portfolio.

Once included in the Portfolio, an organisation can be expected to remain for several years, but we continue to monitor them using these criteria. Underperforming organisations may be replaced.

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Individuals and businesses that allocate to the Global Returns Portfolio receive detailed six-monthly Impact Reports. We measure the Portfolio's six-monthly performance using to key metrics:

The Global Returns Rate

The Global Returns Rate (GRR) is a measure of the non-financial GlobalReturns that our Portfolio produces over a six-month period. Drawing on our team of experts, we assess each Portfolio Partner using a carefully researched scoring matrix. We adjust the average score by the Portfolio Diversity to produce the final GRR figure.

Portfolio Diversity

Portfolio Diversity measures the total range of activities carried out by our Portfolio Partners as a percentage of the universe of potential areas of intervention. This is therefore a measure of the breadth of activities being carried out and the diversity of the Portfolio as a whole.