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Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler"

~A. Einstein

Design Projects

Le Cordon Bleu

2022 - 2023 website redesign

First step was to gather all the information about the platform.

Firstly i reviewed they current website witch required redesign - i imidietly found a lot of mistakes and places where the design could be fixed.

First of all i performed some of "quick fixes" which could be done right away for better working of current platform

Right after defining the goals and needs of the platform i've jumped to defining main users in next Research Step

Second step was to do vast research - inside a brand - closest competition was services like Harvard etc. so i examineted they websites.

But there was huge difference - on Le Cordon Bleu website you could buy courses and schollarships on-line so it was like an education platform mixed with e-commerce.

My closest definision of the user at first glance where people around 19-35 of age looking for next step in education but i fastly find out that more users higher in age are browsing website.

It got pretty tricky to design good website "for everyone" - so i mostly tryied to keep some oldschool style with modern technologies and simplifying things for ease of use.

Third step was start of a design process - mostly i kept in mind to explain everything with videos for ease of informations access - for younger and older generation.

We already know currently that videos got much better impact on users thatn pure text - so it was way to present informations about school, courses etc.

Another important step was to create ease for user courses browsing platforming with filters so anyone can look trough every course and choose it to his own preferences.

Final thing was to create something like a little "quiz" for users in which after answering some questions platform will provide with some course tailored for them.

Fourth step and the final one was to perform user-testing in which we've gather like 8-10 stars on a 1-10 scale - so it went very good.

Accordingly to A/B testing we've soon find out that there is much easier way to treat it as an e-commerce but also shorten the 'add to basket' path - which you can observe on Mobile Ver. C - loaded with videos for informations about courses.

And that's it - i believe that they could be more testing done after coding but for now - pure win!

Time for cofeee!

  • 01 Gathering Informations
  • 02 Research
  • 03 Design Process
  • 04 User Testing

Le Cordon Bleu

Katarzyna Szklanna

2020 branding and website design

First step was to create branding for Mrs. Katarzyna and for that i just simply used some script font to add "human" character to financial brand that is pretty serious

But i was still aiming for serious colours which are gray/black and white. This way i achieved branding that was also professional and serious like a financial advisor but also with some of the "human" touch provided with font and photos.

Second step was to perform research of the competition of Mrs. Katarzyna which are financial advisors in the field of housing credits.

I've looked trough competition websites and i found out that they are pretty similiar to each other - mostly like a regular websites but i also came up with an interesting idea of creating form for users wich can lead to find out if they have the credit avalability. That way users of the website can get information about credit avalibility and Mrs. Katarzyna can get contact info and send an offer to them - win-win scenario.

Third step was to create an designs. Main goal for a design and what Mrs. Katarzyna ordered was for design to be for years. Website was created in 2018 but i believe it's still up-to-date.

Goal was achieved. And i also prepared all the content for the website with FAQ and all nessesacry subpage like offer, contact page and informations.

Website was created simple, minimalistic with lot's of functionalities to make contact much easier for the user.>/p>

Fourth step and the last step was to create responsive code for a website - so it works on desktop and mobile - i've used pure HTML/CSS and jQuery for it - so we've got forms validation and much more.

During the coding Mrs. Katarzyna asked me if we can create calculators to calculate pay-off the credit and the credit costs for users - so we did and i created it all in jQuery scripts which where implemented on the website.

Website was a huge success and when i was asking Mrs. Katarzyna how clients wiev her website all the feedback was very positive - and this was our main goal - to create website that appeal - huge success!

Time for coffee!

  • 01 Branding
  • 02 Research and Content
  • 03 Design Process
  • 04 Coding

Katarzyna Szklanna


2018 rebranding and website redesign

First step in this particular project was to create new brand for Polish electrical equipement warehouse.

I was a part of a larger team so firstly copywriter came up with a new name 'enexon' and i was working on a logo which my goal was to create something electrical with letter 'e'. That way i've created 'e' with thunderbolt shape.

But our lawyers found out that there are already a lot's of similiar shapes on-line so another designer remade it a bit to keep it less similiar to already existing shapes and that way the brand was created.

For a font i've chosed Raleway which plays very well in terms of logo and then it was used widely across all of the brand communication.

Second step after creating a logo and branding was to create key visual for the brand and when other designers where aiming to perform this task i've started to make website research on they current website and what kind of service and products they providing.

I soonly find out that they main audience and users are electricians and electrician companies that are buying a lot of electrician products which currently goes well with latest technology so our goal to create Key Visual and website was to create something very modern and outstanding.

Third step was to design the website accordingly to key visuals created by other team designers so i've implemented main key visuals parts into the website - that way we could keep every single material and brand communication simelessly responding to each other.

Fourth step and the last one was to create front-end code for the website. I achieved to implement photos using SVG masking with cooperation with other front-end developers.

Then we created back-end for a website and it was launched on-line.

For whole rebranding process our team got Rebrand Merit award which you can view by clicking "REBRAND" logo in the right corner of this project - my name is at the bottom of the list as a "Web Designer" - but i took part in whole rebrand process.

Another huge success!

Time for coffee!

  • 02 Branding
  • 02 Research and Content
  • 02 Design Process
  • 02 Coding

enexon rebranding


2021 app desgin

First step in this project was to gather all the information about current web app functionalities.

It where mainly to find the railroad connection trough Polish cities but i soonly find out that the website itself is too busy and got too many distraction points out of main goal.

Users in this case was everyone who travels by railroads so pretty much everyone that needs this type of transportation.

So the main goal was to simplify the experience and make it much easier to use.

Second step was to perform a research - i looked up in every transportation services i could think off and that way i came up with the idea of a simple app to search for connections and travel.

Third step was to create a design. I used something very simplified but also adding a map for connections with stops showed on a map - that way user can choose best connection tailored for him.

With standing out button close to every connection that says "buy a ticket" - so with just few clicks you can get a connection and buy a ticket - then just go to the closest railroad station.

Fourth step was to translate app for mobile use - so i kept the searching form and the list of connections - after clicking on desired connection we can view it on a map and choose the best one for use - also with "buy a ticket" button.

This way i made travel by Polish Railroads easy and fun!

Time for coffee!

  • 01 Gathering informations
  • 02 Research
  • 03 Design Process
  • 04 Mobile Design

pkp app design


2019 app desgin

First step creating app for cirravia was to gather all the information about the app.

The main goal of the app was to manage the airports settlements. It was huge project for every single airport. The goal of the app was to sell it to airport managements.

With cooperation of inventors of functionalities with a knowledge of "how aiports works" i was able to understand the purpose of the app and it's main goals.

Second step was to perform a research so mainly find out about the app users and it's main audiance was airport managers and owners. That way we where ready to go with designs for the app

Third step was to start creating designs for the app - i came up with multiple version all of them accordingly to cirravia branding with they colors and logo.

During the design process we also performed many workshops with app owners and came up with much more functionalities - that way we created an airport traffick radar and much more - like for example management of all of airport parkings, airlines etc.

Fourth step and the final one was to create a final designs - with a dark mode enabled. Rest was in the hands of app owners to sell it to the aiport managers. Owners of the app was very happy with the final results and i believe they showed my work to many airports.

Time for coffee!

  • 01 Gathering informations
  • 02 Research
  • 03 Design Process
  • 04 Final Version

cirravia app design

Every project requires different approach
because it got different purpose"

~T. Bieńkowski

Code Projects

01 2018 Cephtactics
02 2021 Global Returns
03 2022 Klarify
04 2022 Spotless Water
05 2022 Ultimate Performance

Unique branding is required
to stand out from the crowd"

~T. Bieńkowski

Branding Projects

For TALK which is amateur basketball league based in Polish city Tczew i created logo that looks like an NBA teams logo. As a main character i used gryph - because gryph is in a shield of a city Tczew.

For MPED which is programmers company i refreshed they logo - keeping original 3 stripes but making it more looks like hand that is typing on computer keyboard - which you can see on the animation.

Grum is company that sales chimnais. So i created something that containing flame symbol and also i used font that looks like formed out of flames.

For Aquapool that sales pools and pools equipment i've created something much more modern that they've got before. I used the bubbles symbol which they've got before but changed font to something more aquatic. Also adding gradient color that looks like water is puryfied.

Code2Prog is yet another programic company they didn't have any special requirement about the logo - so i made like "2" inside the logo is transforming code to program. They're two of them inside the company :)

TopCurve logo didn't change much during redesign but i've added something more unique and memorable for the logo. The curve above T was already there but it made it more custom.

For pol-bid which is construction company i made something really solid with solid font and shapes - as construction company should be.

Breitenbach media logo was very outdated - they've got this strange shapes containing arrows so i transformed letter "A" to those arrows and that way it looks much modern.

Hectaria is a company that operates in the land industry. I created very simple and steady logo for them adding at the top right corner symbol of a hectare inside the square which symbolize 1ha of land.